April 14th, 2014

by Gianna Camilotti


The lower  your budget, the higher must be your creativity! I will illustrate it with the example above.

I had this idea for an empty niche in this cloakroom.

All I needed was:
3 large cylindrical vases (15,00 each)
2 small ceramic vases (2.00 each)
6  white “feel real” hydrangeas (11.00 each)
2 natural Ivies  (1.00 each)

Total cost: £117.00 !


I have never regret taking risks. The example I give regards the “Everybody” sofa (again!), It is my pride and joy, and I designed it because I coudn’t find a sofa  that was both oversized and “outside the box”. The upholstery guy told me later that when he read my emails with the sketches and dimensions (530cm long!) he thought I was crazy!  He might still think the same, but later, when it was delivered, he agreed that the sofa couldn’t be more perfect for the space!

Ok, you might say: “… but I don’t have as much space in my room”,  then I say that this theory could apply to every room, regardless its size: just go for a lower number of oversized items and you will feel the difference!

The message is simple: Fear can be an usefull  self protection tool and sometimes it can even save your life but let’s agree that your life isn’t usually at risk at the moment you choose your furniture, so… Just go for it!


Throwing away will cost you nothing, only a call to the Council to organise a bulky waste collection! Sorry, I didn’t mean to be crude, but many spaces I see aren’t more beautiful for what is missing, but for what they have!

Stop in each room of your house and think carefully about each item and think: “Will this room look better with or without this item?”

Do you see the Ivies in the photo at left? They look right there but I had a single one in the master bathroom, at some point it started disturbing me, so I moved  it away and after this the whole thing looked so much better!

You see that there are no rules, each case is different and you have to trust what you see: if you conclude your room will look better without that item, simply move it somewhere else or mercilessly call the council!